White Women Looking For Black Men


Do you know which of the movies I like the best? Ones that have a black man and white woman in the lead roles. It is something that I like because it breaks the sort of taboo we have placed that black men should date black women and white men should date white women. This is why movies like Hancock, Mission Impossible III, and The Bone Collector has been my all-time favorites.




Personally, I have always been fond of white women and tried on numerous occasions to date them. There are also several white women looking for black men so it works both ways. However, I have never understood why this is taken as something out of the norm, or unusual because of course we are all humans and can be attracted to anyone at all!


I remember when I had my first crush in middle school, on a girl named Kelly in my class. While I had always idolized her, I never had the courage to tell my best friends about her. I feared they would disapprove and that is exactly how their reaction was. "But there are so many attractive black girls! Why would you want to date a white girl?" My friends had wanted to know. Of course there a lot of black girls, I have dated several but I can also like white girls. I cannot think of any law or religious obligation that made it a rule for black men to only like black women. Had that been the case I doubt people like Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian or Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren would ever have been married.


However, I realized with time that I did not owe any explanations to anyone about my preferences and love interests, so I began trying to date white women on my own. The parties I attended, the Agnes I went to, I tried chatting up to white girls. Alas, most girls I met only had eyes for my white friends. I would keep attracting black girls, and while I would date them too, because they were incredible as well, I still had to try my luck at a relationship with a white girl. I was sure that if given the chance to date a white girl, I would prove that our relationship had the potential to be stable and long-term. 



Finally, after years of trying and yearning, I met Casey at a grocery store. We bonded over a discussion on types of tea and the next thing I knew I had her number safely stored in my phone. When I called her and asked her out, she said yes! I was thrilled beyond words. This was what I had always wanted, to date a white girl, and finally I had the chance to do so! We went out and never once did we run out of topics to talk about! Our color difference did not even hit me once throughout our date because it really does not matter, we are humans above all. Our relationship went strong for over a year until I had to change cities because of my job. Long distance relationship barely survives and so ours ended too. I thus found myself back where I had started from; trying to woo white girls and date them.


Something my relationship with Casey had taught me was that there was not anything wrong with me, that white girls would, like me, it was something else and I was determined to find out. I was again dating black girls as I did not find any white girls in my office or at parties who were keen upon dating me. I did not consider using conferences as an opportunity to ask people out as it seems unprofessional, but then a girl, Meg, who had taken my visiting card for business purposes called me and asked me out! I was thrilled, again and also delighted upon realizing that I had not tried this time at all for a white girl to date me!


Through this relationship I realized that white women looking for black men do not loiter around parties or bars, mostly, in fact they are often the ones you run into incidentally. I had not met Casey at a party or a bar nether did I meet Meg at such a place. While Meg and I dated for a short time because of our constant traveling, I had stumbled upon a way to find and date white girls! Online dating websites! All I had to do was make a profile on the dating site and reach out to women whose profiles appealed to me. I did just that and voila! Soon I was going out on as many as 3-4 dates a week with white women and enjoying myself thoroughly!

Till this day I still am dating several white girls whenever I find white women looking for black men on these websites. Of course I have had several stable relationships too with quite a few, but dating has never been this easy or rewarding! I do not have to try hard or be fake to impress a girl so I can ask her out, my profile says all I have to say. I have long forgotten how fearful I would get at the thought of approaching women because all it takes is a click to do that! And last but not the least, these dates are fun in the truest essence of the word. Both of us are looking for harmless relationships and dates and because we have no pressure of friends setting us up or the fear to not find a date for several weeks, we stay true to ourselves throughout the date. Life cannot get any more simple and enjoyable than this!


So if you are like me, struggling to find a date with white women or of a different color than you, try an online dating site like whitewomenlookingforblackmen.net and experience this incredible opportunity for yourself!